Netflix Plans

by Kandy

Netflix has increasingly become popular with its subscribers rivaling that of the biggest cable television channels. This is mainly Netflix plans are priced in a way that is perceived by many potential subscribers as more promising in value compared to those of cable television channels. The most popular Netflix plan is definitely the unlimited streaming plan offered for $7.99 per month. It allows users to watch a variety of streaming content that would otherwise be costly through cable television plans. Even many users of cable television have found reasons to subscribe to Netflix plans as well.

With the Netflix unlimited streaming plan previously promoted as Netflix Instant, now users can stream hours of content that includes movies, TV shows and a lot more from their catalogue. Netflix has been generating its own content like the House of Cards which has been very attractive to many viewers. Solidifying licensing deals such as those with Fox Television and Warner Bros Television has also been successful in attracting more subscriptions. The popular plan is simply recognized as Netflix but once you enter into the account settings you realize that it is now officially the unlimited streaming plan.

The Netflix streaming service of on-demand movies and TV shows also has another cheaper plan that not many people know much about. This is the limited streaming plan charged only $4.99 per month. The plan comes with many restrictions such as allowing the viewer to enjoy only limited versions the Netflix catalog, watching only on PCs or Macs, a limit of 2 hours per month and so on. Netflix has been proactive to its subscriber growth and in addition to its current subscription plans has announced an optional plan that will cost $11.99. This will be more suitable for families or houses with many viewers that may have different tastes. A Netflix account supports up to 2 simultaneous streams of content, but the upcoming plan will allows up to 4 of them only for an additional $4 of the current $7.99 unlimited streaming plan.

With more Netflix plans, the subscriber growth is expected to continue and probably surpass that of the existing premium television channels even though Netflix is not a cable channel. Given Netflix apps are available for a variety of devices from computers, HDTVs, tablets, phones, game consoles, Blu-ray players to set-top boxes, users can enjoy more streaming content flexibly and convenient with the current unlimited streaming plan as well as the upcoming $11.99 Netflix plan.

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